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Special Product Instructions 

My Naptime Jewelry
Product Note & Care Instructions

Please test a small area on your clothing and skin to assure no irritation or staining occurs before wearing your new necklace. Different oils may stain delicate clothing and/or irritate sensitive skin. So just make sure you test it out and let the oil soak in your beads for a few minutes prior to wearing your necklace.

All my Jewelry is made with the utmost care and each piece is of excellent quality. Follow these simple, easy steps to enhance the longevity of My Naptime Jewelry and slow down the tarnishing process of any brass or silver pieces.

Avoid getting the jewelry wet with water or sweat (wetness causes wear).
Avoid spraying perfume or hairspray near your jewelry.
Store in a cool dry place, preferably air tight container, a plastic baggie works great (oxygen accelerates tarnish).
Gently wipe down the piece with a polishing cloth after each wear to remove skin oils and impurities. This step is most important for brass and silver jewelry.

Read our FAQ to learn more about how to use our products.

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