Pocket Diffuser
Pocket Diffuser

Pocket Diffuser

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Essential oil inhalers are also known as nasal inhalers, aromatherapy inhalers, and sometimes aroma sticks or sniffy sticks.

We love using essential oil inhalers when out and about. Inhalers are portable and make it easy to keep blends handy that you might need while you're traveling, out during the day or while in situations that don't allow you to use a diffuser. Inhalers are also helpful at home so that you can benefit from blends that may not be suitable to diffuse in the proximity of your children or pets.

The cotton wick is encased in an interior glass vial with metal screw-top cap with air holes.

Recommended Use: Inhalation of Essential Oils. Add your essential oils to the white organically grown cotton wick, place the organic cotton wick inside the glass container, screw the gold top in place and you are ready to go! The tube cover will protect it. They are easy to reuse as you can add more oil to the organically grown cotton wick at any time, or simply replace the wick entirely. If you want to make labels for them, we use labels that are about 1.5 inches high and wide. 

You can use these inhalers for: Sinus issues, headaches, nausea, calming and on airplanes to stay healthy and relaxed.


These types of inhalers are far more eco-friendly than the plastic disposable types.

You will receive 1 inhaler



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