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We went way beyond jewelry.

A message from Michelle

Hi there!

I'm Michelle, the designer and creator behind My Naptime Jewelry and founder of Naptime Aromatherapy Co.

Making jewelry is something I’ve loved doing since High School. When my two kids were in their napping age, I found myself needing a quiet, therapeutic “getaway” while they were sleeping. I dug out my dusty old tools, and hit the work bench.
Turns out, whatever it was that I came up with, was a pretty big hit around my little community... And so, My Naptime Jewelry was born.

Now those sweet, quiet, napping days are over, but My Naptime Jewelry lives and grows on. Our jewelry is now part of something bigger called Naptime Aromatherapy Co and we went from being a home-based business to carrying a large assortment of products in many categories and also having a retail location!

I never really planned to "Open a Store", it just sort of happened in a snowball (or shall I say, avalanche) style effect.

I started with selling our jewelry at art fairs and gift expos.  Soon enough, doing more and more fairs and expos, people started to remember and recognize my jewelry and brand, and started asking "Where are you located? Where's your store?". 
I started selling to more and more boutiques, and our website took off.

Show after show and order after order, my home basement got a little smaller and smaller as it filled with jewelry and essential oil supplies, tools, displays. I decided to look for a space to use as my studio. But the space I found, right in Downtown Bear Lake was way beautiful to be just a a jewelry production and storage unit.

I thought "If I do this I have to DO THIS". 

I can't fill this entire store with just my jewelry! What else can I make that will pair well with my aromatherapy jewelry and essential oils and that people will love as much as they love my jewelry? Well, you'll just have to come and see to find out!



Michelle Stangl
Founder & Owner, Naptime Aromatherapy Co.
Designer & Founder, My Naptime Jewelery 


We hope that you find the perfect lava accessory, so you can keep your essential oils close, wherever life takes you and enjoy the benefits of your favorite aromatherapy all day long! 

This is What We Love to Do

Our diffuser jewelry is unique, fun, and interactive; and all 100% handcrafted in White Bear Lake, MN.
Our aromatherapy bath and body care products are also made from scratch, in-house in our studio in back of our retail store. We use our own essential oils from all over the world in all of our products.

"Our products are designed to make you feel and smell good, wherever life takes you." 

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